The Dimple Backed Vroxel

The Vroxel and in this case the Dimple-Backed variety is one of Venus's oddest carnivores, if that is indeed the correct categorisation.

Instead of a cranium, this strange beast has a large bony file which sits below its tiny mouth aperture and feeding arm. The Vroxel is known to feed by finding a resting, bored or drunk Mountain Meat Beetle and using this appendage to husk away at barnacle like growths on its outer shell. It picks these fragments up with its upper feeding arm and noshes away.

Much as an African Starling may peck away at pests on the back of an Elephant, the Vroxel performs a similar service to it's symbiotic friend, the Mountain Meat Beetle.

The thing is, these parasitic growths are usually located around the Meat Beetles posterior.

So the Vroxel is more or less eating bottom shavings. Or you may prefer the scientific term, 'arse flakes'. It doesn't bare thinking about really it does it?
But you are, because you just read that sentence and now your imagination is conjuring up an image of one disgusting monster eating the butt-goblins off of an another equally disgusting monster.

Enjoy your dinner tonight!

Vital Statistics:
Height: 15 to 18 feet
Length: 12 to 15 feet
Weight: 4 to 6 tons

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