From the ancient Manmelter 3600zx to the hot-off-the-test-range Saboteur 66. This is where you find them.
From Sputnik to Space Shuttle. Here's your reference.
From Green Ghost to Crimson Curse. They are all there.

This is your ultimate reference to all the guns produced by Grordbort Industries over the last four years.
Open Editions. Limited Editions. One-offs. Even a few "Not-yet-offs"...

The beautiful photographs by Grordbort's photographer Steve Unwin on an A2 poster for your wall.

The release of this poster is to ensure these fabulous pieces of art are thoroughly immortalised. In a world increasingly reliant on electronic media, it's sometimes nice to have a hard copy. A historical document for future generations.

This is our contribution - we like things you can touch and hold.

The poster is 16.5 x 23.4 inches (420x594mm - A2) printed on 170 gsm satin paper and ships rolled up in a VERY sturdy poster tube, chosen specifically for its resistence to Moon thugs, Mars brats and Venusian taggers. Curse them! Ahem...



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