The Society for Interplanetary Cooperation and Cross-galactic Overindulgence held its annual prize giving in Carlsbad, Prussia this past Tuesday.

While the event itself displayed much of its infamous pompousness, the officers of SICCO this year left a legacy worth highlighting.

The Medal of Arbitrary Self-Importance – so named because it cannot actually be awarded by a third (or even second) person – allows time-space revellers on all wave-lengths to award those blatantly best deserving – themselves.

We are in no doubt that this medal – left unattended in a public space such as a Turkish bath, Ale house or brothel in your vicinity – would quickly make it onto the chest of a deserving (in their mind) individual.

We would therefore very much like to dispatch one to your premises forthwith.

Perchance you, Sir/Madame, would be a splendid recipient of such an award? It’s in your hands!

Regardless of the chest it adorns, Dr Grordbort’s (patrons and sponsors of the award) would be only too pleased to serve!

Comes in metal gift box container measuring 95 x 135 x 40 mm (3.7 x 5.3 x 1.5 in).

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