Edition size: 20 only


Price: (USD)
number 1 $7,700 SOLD!
numbers 2 & 3 $7,000 #3 SOLD!
numbers 4-20 $6,600

Matter Mangler and Disentangler Beam

Do you live in constant fear of alien probing from the rearwardly vector? Does the thought of imminent robotic usurpation and replacement plague your every waking thought? Do cultures and ways of life other than your own fill you with insular dread and insecurity?

If you’ve answered ‘yes’ or even ‘no’ to any of these questions, then Dr. Grordbort has the answer to your problems: The 4th Law.

By simply pointing The 4th Law in the direction of your inescapable paranoia and depressing the trigger, the source conveniently vanishes in a pleasingly violent fireball.

Replete with ornately carved Venusian Worm-Oak* handle and shoulder stock, and made in metal and resin with fully articulated features, not only is The 4th Law devastatingly destructive, it’s fetchingly futuristic.

Each piece will be hand numbered, hand painted and hand assembled to the highest standards, by the very clever boffins at our most trusted industrial complex: the Academy Award™ winning Weta Workshop.

Designed by Weta Workshop’s Greg Broadmore, and built by Mark Keetch and Shari Finn, The 4th Law will ship with your own personalised and signed 4th Law operators license.

*Venusian Worm-Oak is under Earth conditions, indistinguishable from resin.

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