The Role Playing Game! Dr. G's Scientific Adventure Violence

Dr.G has sidled up to the great minds behind Crowbar Creative and Exalted Funeral to bring the world of Dr.G to life on a table top near you. Learn more.


Dr. Grordbort’s Scientific Adventure Violence is a retro-futuristic setting and supplement for tabletop role-playing gamery. Based upon the comics, art, and universe created by Wētā Workshop’s Greg Broadmore, this outlandish, lavishly illustrated guide was put together by Crowbar Creative with the support of Exalted Funderal. It is designed for use with the fifth edition of some game with dragons and other silly, scientifically unfounded elements.


Featuring dozens of character options, scores of exotic creatures, and a myriad of weapons, gadgets, and vehicles, this is a maniacally entertaining setting drenched in flavour and satire, yet accessible and easy to play. It’s a run–no matter what rules system you prefer. 


So grab your raygun, choose a side, or say “bollocks to sides” and carve your own smoky, likely radioactive, path through the Solar System. Hop to it!