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Gibberite [j'ib-er-ite], according to our very clever scientists and you shouldn't dispute them, is a very rare mineral found on the Ice Planetoids drifting along the Heliopause on the outer rim of our Solar System.

Due to the remoteness of it's source, it is highly difficult to obtain.

Gibberite has excited our wave-scientists due to its ability to pull the energy stream into a coherent beam. They get so easily excited don't they? Most of them live at home with their mothers so it's hardly surprising.

This increases range and gives a greater penetrating sting. To the raygun you silly, not the scientists!


Hand made at Weta Workshop by Senior Modelmaker David Tremont, this gun is unique. There will never be another quite like it. A Dr Grordbort's Victorious Mongoose 1902a Concealable Ray Pistol, customised in Dave's workshop. There is only one. And it is sold.

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