Edition Size:50
Dimensions:19.1" x 26" (HxWxD) 48.5cm x 66cm

This exquisite artwork by Weta designer and artist Greg Broadmore is featured in Dr Grordbort's Exceptional Exhibition as an 8ft x 6ft mural and is available exclusively to Weta customers as a limited edition fine art silk print. Set in a future that never was - in Dr Grordbort's world - where men have hairs on the hairs on their chests and women are gorgeous, deadly and terrible at maths.

The Moon Maiden Mural is thought to have been commissioned for the reception area at the Goliathon plant, but it is uncertain whether it was completed before the Unfortunate Mishap of '85, when that factory was converted into the Lord Cockswain Brand Reclaimed Corn canning factory, due to it's proximity to the local sewerage pond.

In Venusian mythology, the Moon Maiden were dangerous warrior-women, portrayed as seductresses who lured nearby soldiers with their enchanting music, demure voices and rather titillating attire to go to war or to simply be a general nuisance!

This highly collectible piece of art has been reproduced in a short run of only 50, combining ancient Chinese silk printing methods with contemporary techniques . The result is a beautiful print in an edition of only 50, hand signed and numbered by artist and Dr Grordbort's creator Greg Broadmore.

We highly recommend framing this print - it will make a huge impact on any environment. It'll be like an oil spill of art in your living room.

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