After more than a month, Dr Tremont has returned to his grotto. Or at least, we think he has, as something was left on his doorstep when we came to call. Nobody answered the door, however.

With some trepidation, we decided to open the box, which at first glance bore some resemblance to a stock standard Goliathon 83a. But on closer inspection we found something infinitely more terrifying. See adjacent illustrations.

On a hand scribbled note inside the second layer of packaging, we found the following note from the good Doctor:

Foremost suitable... [something, something]

- Front line heavy infantry.

- Designed for heavy power output for close range attacks and defence against armour.

- Heavy duty onboard reactor and particle accelerator plus feed boosters allows greater power bursts through the narrow field ring focuser.

The main design parameters are for the front line heavy foot infantry to carry these into the theatre of operations to break the enemy's armour advance... not designed for prolonged use but deliver a hard punch to shatter the enemy... make for a fine bludgeon while waiting for the power to recharge.

After the initial attack, the heavy infantry can step aside to allow the lighter regulars to go in to [something something] with standard weapons that are lighter and easier to carry. The Goliathon 83 Kraftig works well with larger artillery allowing a quicker and more flexible response [something something] protection while the large weapons are brought on line."

We take no responsibility for ANY consequences of firing this gun, should you decide to become its wielder.

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