New exhibition in the east

Greg Broadmore, Richard Taylor and those clever, indelible, downright reliable blighters at Weta Workshop have just announced a new exhibition in the works.

This time they’re moving their creative forces back to China for a combined team assault that includes both the world of Dr. Grordbort's and the art and craft of Weta Workshop. Details will follow soon. It’s poised to be a most incredible display of creative might and bravado. Jolly hoorah to that, I say!

New faces are cropping up all over the Workshop in advance of the auspicious event. Credit where it’s due, Weta Workshop sculptors, Sam Gao, Masayuki Ohashi, Jamie Beswarick and Daniel Cockersell have done a bang up job of cleaving the characters from the clay.

Once finished, we’ll have them (the sculpts, not the sculptors) on a slow boat to China… or a fast plane… that’s probably more the ticket… not long now til opening; speed is of the essence and all that.

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