Edition Size:50
Dimensions:10.2" x 10.2" x 1.6" (H x W x D) 26cm x 26cm x 4cm
Weight:2.4lbs (1.1 Kg)

Grordbortian Entomology and Characteristica

The male Blue Sacked Pillock is a weedy little bugger whose fore-limbs are disproportionately elongated. The rear third however is a bulbous and rather sickly blue inflatable appendage.

Despite appearances, the Pillock can fly - the four papery and rather whispy wings are well attached to the body and can create a vortex of vaccuum enough to direct it short distances suspended by its inflatable gas sack posterior.

The female, on the other hand, is massive, rather dull and not much fun at parties.

Courtship is initiated by the male. Repeated inflation and deflation of the aft sack attracts the female, who proceeds to attempt deflation of the sack by muzzling it with her muscular mandibles. Saucy.

Upon rupture (usually after about two hours of intense agony for the male), insemination occurs by the female inserting a hose-like appendix into a small opening near the male's cloaca and literally sucking out his will to live. She then discards the spent gentleman Pillock and moves on to her next victim. One female pillock can have as many as 63 such encounters in a breeding season. Lucky bitch.

Art directed by Greg Broadmore, Sculpted by Jamie Beswarick 

Hand painted by Dordi Moen

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