He’s not big - about the size and disposition of a miniature household dustbin, but he is eager to help. Gimble’s always wanted a human friend, and he’ll happily guide you through the world of Dr. Grordbort's.


A world of rayguns, rocket ships and deadly robot miscreants comes to life in Dr. Grordbort’s Invaders, the flagship game from Weta Workshop and Magic Leap.


In this mixed reality experience, the player’s own home becomes the front line of a robotic invasion through the revolutionary Magic Leap platform. This trailblazing technology lets players move freely around their own space, inspecting allies and enemies up close while defending Earth.


Throughout this virtual epic, Gimble is your trusty and witty companion. Now and for the first time ever, you can take home your very own physical Gimble to comfort you in the impending robot invasion.


"I dreamt up a Robot Planet and populated it with strange and mysterious characters like our neurotic little friend and helper, Gimble." 

- Greg Broadmore, Studio Director and PA to Dr. Grordbort.


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