The S-Type is here and it has a name! The Saboteur 66.

Rarely is a piece of wave oscillatrica put so brazenly through its paces as in the hands of an assassin.

A lone professional whose very livelihood and ultimately survival depends on the oomph and precision of his tools tends to be incredibly picky.

This brief is not taken lightly. The finest materials are chosen, a focus group of assassins assembled (in separate rooms, of course) and debriefed on their requirements.

The result is the Saboteur 66 - a finely balanced tool-of-the-trade for murderous bastards across the solar system.

Aside from being comparatively compact, the Saboteur 66 is also incredibly light, roughly equivalent to wielding a small partridge.

Made from Imitation Metal, Imitation Bakelite and Imitation Tremontium*

*While arguably inimitable individually, these compounds, when fused together under Earth's atmospheric conditions, take on a density and surface texture that is vaguely approximate to something called "ABS plastic".

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