S-Type used in game of Burny-Melty

You may have heard stirrings on the official Dr. Grordbort's Facial Booklet information portal of a new weapon, known so far only as the S-Type.

We reveal today the first sneak peak at our so-called S-Type in action - photo courtesy of one of Dr. Grordbort's leading wave weapon engineers,  Dr. B. Aldwin. Snapped during his semi-regular games of burny-melty, the image shows the mysterious new weapon being used on local hobo, 'Melty-Melchett'.

Melchett was in fact a long time employee of Dr. Grordbort's laboratories and actually quite a brilliant physicist. He lost his job shortly after it was discovered that he was embezzling from the company. Dr. William Young found him leaving work one day with literally ones and ones of paper clips and envelopes. Scurrilous cad! What was he going to do with those? Start his own stationary business? Well you're not going to start a very successful stationary shop with four paper clips, an envelope and some cello-tape! What a nong.

The photogram captures old Melty Melchett shortly after knocking on the door asking for his job back, getting a little beard removal courtesy of the final production model. Incidentally, he worked on the early stages of the S-Type project and was actually very pleased to see it. For about two seconds or so.

Not to worry about old Melty though, he was fine. Just a little third degree humour - nothing a bit of skin-grafting won't sort out. He was laughing about it afterward. Sort of a heaving, gasping laughter.

Good old Melty Melchett - what a sport!


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