Edition Size:50
Dimensions:10.2" x 10.2" x 1.6" (H x W x D) 26cm x 26cm x 4cm
Weight:2.4lbs (1.1 Kg)

The Xenodefugio, or Gumbolt's Wind Rat to use it's colloquially Venusian name is a curious little creature.

It's locomotion has been described as somewhere between a hop and a glide as it leaps and flaps between its preferred grazing sites, the common Venusian Gas pod plant. To ascribe the characteristic 'retarded' to it movement would not be unfair, as these simple little beasts move unpredictably in a manner akin to an unhappy grasshopper with mild brain damage.

When chased by a predator, these mentally challenged animals are as likely to leap straight into the attackers mouth as they are away to safety.

Natural Selection seems to have been taking a nap with the Xenodefugio.

Stupid Natural Selection, wake up! While you're pissing about killing off all the slow gazelles and wimpy lions, one of nature's greatest morons is busy shitting on the quite pretty common Venusian gas pod plant with absolutely no repercussions!

50 of these preposterously rare beasties have been secured and presented for your appraisal within a finely wrought wooden frame, against a supremely high quality art paper stock.

Art directed by Greg Broadmore, Sculpted by Jamie Beswarick

Hand painted by Dordi Moen

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