The Star Burst is what happens when the tech-heads have too much time on their hands and recklessly circumnavigate proper process. Our Senior Contrapulation Engineer, Dr Tremont (the inventor behind the rarefied, evasive Tremontium Atom, as well as Senior Modelmaker at Weta Workshop), has this to say about his latest creation.

It has a micro fusion reactor but not the 'holy grail' of energy - cold fusion. It is indeed hot fusion, total confusion, even profusion with a transfusion and will cause internal melt down, of the operator, if used for prolonged time.

The 'Star Burst' is not for the insufferable 'shoot at anything without thought or delay', but for the thoughtful considered response of the more intellectual nature collectors. For it is this delay that allows time to talk to ones makers and pray the engines that focus and direct the star energy continue to work at optimum efficiency once the trigger is pulled."

The Manmelter Star Burst is made chiefly from cast metal, but occasional elements have been contrived from various new-fangled, manmade materials such as various resins.

This is a unique, one-of-a-kind raygun and there will never be another one like it.

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