Edition Size:50
Dimensions:16.9" x 26" (HxWxD)43cm x 66cm

This superbly powerful and iconic piece of art by Weta designer Greg Broadmore premiered in the book VICTORY in 2009 as a propagandist recruitment poster.

It also features in large format in Dr Grordbort's Exceptional Exhibition, currently headed for Europe, and we're pleased to say it is available exclusively to Weta customers as a limited edition fine art silk print.

According to the Lost Archives of Grordbort Industries, Earth's Elite Forces (and in particular these British chaps) were the creme de la creme of fighting men, equipped with the best aether oscillating contraputronica known to man.

Seen here with an 8ft fighting automaton and armed with Pomson hand-artillery, they strike an imposing figure against a stylised backdrop of pretty colours and bloody battle. Fists-first into most skirmishes, the EEF are often credited with bravery, detirmination and very muscly biceps.

Earth's Elite Forces has been reproduced in a short run of only 50, combining ancient Chinese silk printing methods with contemporary techniques and materials.

The result is a beautiful print in an edition of only 50, hand signed and numbered by artist and Dr Grordbort's creator Greg Broadmore.

We highly recommend framing this print - it will make a huge impact on any environment.

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