S-Type - more details revealed

Yesterday, at exactly 2.08pm an exciting new box arrived in the office of wave-weapon maestro, Dr. B. Aldwin.

At 2.08:15, the box was opened and at 2.08:18 Dr. Aldwin started having conniptions. At 2.12 Dr. Grordbort's Emergency Surgeons arrived on the scene and resuscitated Dr. Aldwin from his spasmodic joy-seizure. Upon waking, Aldwin noted afresh the presence of the new wave weapon, fainted and was subsequently resuscitated 4 more times.

This happens more or less each time a new wave weapon arrives from the main factory to Dr. Grordbort's labs. Aldwin has several large scars and bumps on his unsightly bonce that bare this out.

After wiping away the spittle, vom and other ejecta, Dr. Aldwin prepared these two photograms clearly showcasing two facts - Dr. Aldwin is completely detail obsessed and has no idea how to use a camera.

They nonetheless reveal a little more of this brand spanking new Dr. Grordbort's weapon and also give us a chance to reveal it's official unveiling.

Be sure to check back later this week for a full reveal and the opening of pre-orders!

Additional images (click to enlarge)

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