Lord Cockswain

Lord Cockswain, reknowned naturalist, pillock of the community and revered hero of many a scuffle in our solar system shared his uncoached thoughts on the Doctor's fine weapons via teletrope:

"Dr. Grordbort's rayguns eh? Never heard of him.

What's that? Grordbort? Oh, thought you said Brorgblort or Grodspot, or cod piece, or something.

Yes, I've used those. Have a life time supply you see. Made me Unnatural Selector he did, and a fine piece it is.

Used it to down a Ghargunthi Collosapod, stave off countless attacks from Venusian savages and mow the lawn last Sunday.

Now I must say that it is just about the worst lawn mower that I have ever used. I do not recommend it. Piece of junk.

What? Testimonial you say? Yes, it's very good! I can vouch for him."

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