Mountain Meat Beetle

Venus has many majestic beasts and the reclusive Mountain Meat beetle is one of the most awe inspiring. Living for the most part underground in huge excavated burrows in the mountain sides, these vast insect like behemoths surface only to forage the hillsides for it's favoured meal of Glome Grubs and Khraglonii Fungal Globes.

Peppered on its back are the egg pods where its young incubate and a full grown Meat Beetle can have several hundred such pods.These hatchlings can take as long as 25 earth years to hatch and emerge as large as a Jack Russel Terrier, but with more legs. Unfortunately and unusually, most are crushed or eaten by the parent. These factors combine to make the Mountain Meat beetle an infrequently sighted animal.

We strongly suggest gaining photographic evidence of your kill should you be lucky enough to spot one as trophy mounts of the great beasts are quite impractical.

Lord Cockswain, interplanetary explorer extraordinaire had this to say of the hard to find giant:

"My guide M'Gulu led me on a 3 week jaunt into treacherous mountain terrain where I discovered many hundreds of flora and fauna previously unbeknownst to science.
Most wondrous of these was the immense Mountain Meat Beetle. So taken was I with it's grandeur and scale that I simply watched the thing forage for 5 whole minutes before I powered up my Wave rifle and burnt a yard wide hole into its brain case.
I managed to salvage a forward pincer as trophy and have turned it into a delightful bird bath in the front garden of my estate. What a marvelous animal. "

Vital Statistics:
Height: 5 yards
Length: 17 yards
Weight: 55 or more tons

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