Milton's Drunken Fussock

The problem with explaining the flora and fauna of Venus is comparing each extraterrestrial example to what we know of here on Earth. Venusian beasties are often so radically different to anything we know of that it can be irksome to the intellect to make such analogy.

Milton’s Drunken Fussock is equally problematic in this regard, but we can say this - it’s a complete moron.

If analogy must be made, then the Fussock may be likened to a mix of one part Hyena, one part sub-Saharan Warthog and ten parts piss-drunk football hooligan who’s taken a blow to the cranium while falling down the stairs.

A brutish omnivorous thug of the Venusian lowlands, the Fussock is happy enough scavenging the kills of more competent predators. In fact, it seems to be content digesting the entirely rotten carcasses of almost anything, even those so noxious as to turn up the noses of other scavengers.

As disagreeable as they may be, the Fussock takes on a somewhat more dignified aspect when shot through the head and posed with bowler hat, bowtie and walking cane as we see pictured below.

Trust Lord Cockswain to reveal the true dignity of nature. Top marks, man!

Vital Statistics:

Height: 3 to 5 feet
Length: 3 to 5 feet
up to 250 lb

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