Violent George

Violent George, the name says it all. George, towering at just under seven foot tall, is actually a softly spoken soul who has a passion for wildlife and uses his spare time for sewing. For instance, he once had to sew a mans face back on after he accidentally dislodged it in an argument. As security chief of the lower decks of the Imperial Moon-Class Dreadnaught: The Subjugator, he deals daily with 'situations'. He describes one here:

"Dear Doc, just last week one of the technicians from deck 37 (Interior Communications) came down to complain about some cabling problem. I just wanted to thank you for making these communications consoles so robust cos it really stood up to a pounding. Grordbort's Manufacturing: 1, Poindexter Skull: 0.

By the way, you don't make a detergent that'll get brains off leather do you?"