Vengeance Potentate

Vengeance Potentate, vigilante justice dispenser and wearer of figure hugging moon suits is famous for her stern looks. She is known to have scowled continuously for three months straight during her infamous crime fighting missions on Destroxulon 5, a city reknowned for it's corruption and violence. Some say that her reprimanding visage is a vestige of her deeply troubled upbringing, others that her Moon suit pinches her inner thigh something chronic. She said these following words to us:

"A crime fighter, such as myself is always in need of advanced technologies that I can use to turn hardened criminals into fine honest citizens in caskets. I have recently acquired an F.M.O.M. Wave Disrupter Gun and have found that the mere sound of it's activation is enough to turn most vagabonds from unscrupulous reprobates to highly scrupulous scruple favourers. If that isn't enough to convince them then pressing the trigger has the instantaneous effect of teleporting them to the afterlife.

I cannot commend you enough."