The Honorable Q. Marcel Lovejoy

The Honorable Q. Marcel Lovejoy, is an affable soul, cheerful and graceful in disposition, he enjoys nothing more in life than to empathise with his fellow man. Unless of course that fellow man is a pauper, minority or common criminal. Then he likes to send them to the big house to be proctologised by Jailbots. Merry Xmas!:

"What a little wonder the Victorious Mongoose 1902a is! I sit on the bench in Her Royal Majesty's Sixth Paralunar District, Felony Criminal division as Supreme High Lord Admonisher. My lovely wife, Jessica gave me the Mongoose to commemorate our tenth anniversary...and good thing she did! Two weeks ago, I was issuing the minimum sentence for Wild Warbling Shrivick poaching (thirteen lashes...a fair and equitable punishment, in my opinion) to one William 'The Blade' Terrence. Much to my surprise, Mr. Terrence had smuggled a small knife into my courtroom and made to assault me as I pronounced his sentence. Despite my considerable bulk and poor eyesight, with but a quick flick of the trigger of the Mongoose and a momentary sizzle as the beam passed through my bench, the assailant was no more than a smoking pair of shoes. Many fine returns, Doctor! The Wild Warbling Shrivick population on Egos VI and my wife thanks you! - Q.M.L."