Sturt Rambling

Sturt Rambling is large. He once covered himself in vanilla oil and bare knuckle boxed a full grown female Hippopatamus. After losing by decision in the 12th round, he fulfilled his end of the bargain and became a Hippo slave for 4 gruelling years. The experience however, shaped the man-mountain that he is today. He wrote in with this clap-trap!

"Bulk! I NEED MORE BULK! I thought the Goliathon would quench my thirst for the heaviest, deadliest pistol in the 8 planets surriounding Sol...but I find the excercise regimine of the Colonial Space Scouts to be paying off. Dr. Grordbort, you need to make a device that can only be carried around by the manliest of men. Bulk! Make it wrap around my meaty forearm and tree trunk like biceps. Make it heavy enough to cause a hernia in 9 out of 10 men (and 10 out of 10 women). Attach a massive quenching device with a Venusian water supply. Add a notepad for keeping track of aliens killed in wanton repression of foreign invaders. Increase the BULK, and make it really mean something to heave around a destructive device with the name 'Goliathon'."