Sir Douglas Punchmellon-Smythe

Sir Douglas Punchmellon-Smythe, an adventurer and explorer of note who is famed for his discovery and subsequent ascents of the Doom Spine Mountains of Mars. It was during those treks that he picked up various notable injuries and ailments, such as a terrible case of 'Swelt's Armpit', the rare form of 'Jimmy Leg', a severe head trauma and an uncommon urge to manhandle pack animals. He submitted this scintillating tale for perusal:

"On the acquisition of your fine raygun, The Fathom 55 N1900, I was immediately struck by its fine craftsmanship and exquisite design. I decided to take it on a exciting jaunt some fellow members of the FG&A Club and I were set to embark on come the first of the month. It was a casual trip to the Driftmountains of Eldar Minor. We'd been having a splendid time when our group of adventurers stumbled upon a rather obnoxious gathering of Krikpees. I feared no one back at the beloved halls of FG&A would hear of our tales, but thanks to my quick thinking and the even quicker response of the Fathom 55 N1900 I was able to vanquish the pesty critters and be back at the club in time for hightea.

Thanks Dr.Grordbort for crafting such a fine - and thankfully powerful - raygun for the discerning adventurer."