Sgt. Jarvis Bruntlington

Sgt. Jarvis Bruntlington, soldier in the Offworld Epeditionary Pre-Meditative-Defense Force 'Fist 44' has seen action across our solar system and beyond. He is known for his friendly, approachable manner and nick-named by his unit 'The Dunce' which we're sure is some affectionate local alien colloquialism. He put forward this stirring tale as proof of the Dr's wares efficacy:

"Many thanks to the Doctor for his tremendous weapons and armaments, a good deal of which have made it into the service of my unit. Why just last week I used a Goliathon 83 to clean out a septic tank and I must say it did a sterling job! Hardly any holes in the damn thing! During that day I used it to discipline a private, hammer in a nail, do a little panel beating on the staff car, burn off some bunions and then lightly poach some eggs! All this from a device that I had previously only used to vapourise Alien scum.

Good on you man!"