Sarahna Truelight

Sarahna Truelight, Warrior Goddess of the Platinum Crown, a majestic young thing whose sparkling intellect and razor sharp wit are oft' overlooked by those mesmerised by her thoraxial lobes, articulated this arresting commentary:

"It's been two Earth-years since I first entered the Interstellar Warrior Goddess pageant as a wide-eyed, eighteen-year-old fresh off the training grounds, and I must admit that without the Manmelter 3600ZX, Sub-Atomic Disintegrator Pistol, I would have probably been a loser again this year, not to mention in need of some major, expensive reconstructive treatments. Instead, here I sit in the heart of the Denari Galaxy, wearing the Platinum Crown and worshipped by trillions across the system. Life is wonderful!

As you well know, after an ignoble defeat in my rookie year, last year I was practically guaranteed the crown as we entered the final round. I had already swept the major challenges of the pageant: I was the first to retrieve a Bendadie egg from the brimstone pits of Sarac; ran the ten-parsec hurdles in just under two hours; was the first to pilot round the Sili Rings in my Star-speeder; and soundly beat the Chundarian Uni-Mind in quad-level chess. Indeed, after I dazzled the judges in the swimsuit competition, the only contestant who could challenge me was three-time Platinum Crown-wearer, Dixan Moondust.

As we entered the battle arena, I noticed that among the usual warrior-goddess accoutrement, Dixan had a new weapon strapped to her waist. Unfortunately, that?s the last thing I remember, as memory of the fight itself was mind-wiped from me to preserve my sanity. But afterward, as I lay in a regeneration tank (it takes forever to regenerate an arm, by the way) watching my defeat over and over again on the news-vids, I learned that the glorious weapon she used to finally defeat me was none other than the Manmelter 3600ZX. I knew I had to have one. Luckily, I managed to acquire a Manmelter this year as I trained for the pageant, and with the playing field now levelled, Dixan never knew what hit her.

Many thanks for creating such a beautiful weapon."