Queen Spassoibk

Queen Spassoibk, from Yiposzyslythxkiasckianx 77, you know just up the way from Grulioffexorghieblijumkgdopelz 4, has just sent us this captivating waffle. Oh Joy!

"Deargh Dochtor Glorbaught, long has wee desireg foo fold yu insige mee loyn sax. Lyk parastical goomb. Suxling to maffers gripple. goob boyy. We getted into uss tentlacles one times of spase gunk, lyk wat yu solg in caterluge. Nice! We keeeped ut on uss alla days lung, so wen bezxt to shoouts a croox! Trad!

Alla besst wiszhiz, lurv and snergles..."