Princess Ceruleao

Princess Ceruleao, a member of the Royal family of Obscurio 5 and interplanetary travel enthusiast is always in need of a last line of defense. Her excursions have famously put her in life threatening peril time and time again. Grown men have worried themselves sick thinking about the possibility of a blemish or dare we postulate it, a scar on her person. We warn those men of questionable constitution against reading on lest you pass out and choke on your own tongues:

"I must thank you Dr. Grordbort for your line of rocket ship weapon systems which I have utilised to defend my Perforator Class rocket ship many times. The Solar system is at times an exceptionally dangerous place to traverse and space pirates are not as friendly as you would believe based on their recruitment literature. Above all I congratulate you on the ManMelter 3600zx pistol which I value as an unfailing travel companion. I thought you'd like to know that on maximum power it can burn a hole through a Kharguli Night Assassin's carapace in just two seconds!

Overall I have been exceptionally pleased with all my acquisitions from your Dingus Directory and wish you all the best in your efforts to design the Infra-Particle Oscillating Leg Waxer. Maybe then, the last of humanities many afflictions will be cured."