Ms. M. Ralt II

Ms. M. Ralt II, a reputed time traveller and self confessed ne'er-do-well has divulged her nefarious doings in this highly incriminating endorsement. While we accept her praise with gratitude, we at Dr. Grordbort's labs cannot approve the use of Wave-weapons by brigands and law breakers. (however fetching they may be):

"Having of late Found myself brought Forth into the Future by a Series of Unusual and highly Unprecedented Improbabilities (the least of these being a Memorable interaction with a Gentlemen of Extreme Girth and Temper and most Unusually hued Skin), I hastened Immediately to procure for myself some Sort of Protective Ward. The Victorious Mongoose was Well Beyond my Comfortable Spending allowance (alas I Found myself Wanting for even the Merest Scrap of clothing) but I did not allow this Unconscionable Fact to Stand in the Way of my Personal Safety.

I Resolved to unlawfully Acquire the Mongoose and have Since found it to be an Eminently Trustworthy companion and Device of the Highest Degree, Easily Hidden away from the Peering eyes of Rascals and Lawmen Alike. Appreciably Swift, every Shot is as Intentioned and Accurate as its Vermin Namesake's Commitment to the Downfall of Poisonous Reptiles (as I must admit I am finding Many of my Future Contemporaries to be). I confess that it is my Truest and most Steadfast Friend in these Uncertain Times.

That a Thief would Praise the Instrument of Destruction and then have the Temerity to send Word of Such Deed to the Instrument's Very Creators is perhaps Surprising. I beg You though, rest Assured that if this Missive reaches your Personages, I am striving with Every Ounce of my Being to collect appropriate Funds to Recoup your Untimely Loss. Unhinged in Time as I May be (and of late, Space as Well), on next Returning to this Unsavory Time, I will Endeavor to Apologize in the Flesh.

Regretfully, I Will be Obliged to Retain Possession of the Mongoose. Yours, Ms. M. Ralt II (time Traveler) "