Matthias Howard O'Carneigh

Matthias Howard O'Carneigh, a youth of some keen intellect with a solid grasp of the complex wave sciences behind today's Raygun technology, has penned us this missive. There may be a job in the future at Dr. Grordbort's labs for such an insightful and fresh mind but if not, we wish him the best in his further endeavours and hope that he is not accidentally hit by a fast moving automobile, crushed by a safe or disintegrated by an errant death ray.

"Dear Sir, I feel compelled to write the following, and to convey my high estimation of your practical efforts and on being at the cutting edge of scientific discovery. Being but a young lad, indentured to the local community newspaper, I rarely have the opportunity to bear witness to worldly events, yet was fortunate enough to be present at last years 'World Fair of Outlandish Developments'. Your display was a masterful feat of both suspense and edification! It was most unfortunate that a member of the audience was disintegrated, and I am pleased to read that the slanderous, and I'm sure quite expensive court proceedings have finally abated.

Having sustained my education to the award of a diploma in 'The Gentlemanly Art of Scientific Enquiry' from the Lansdown and Bartlett Secondary College, I must congratulate you on a most pertinent and effective use of the little known Krumholz-Blatz effect. Upon seeing the Manmelter 3600ZX in operation for the first time, I was at first perplexed as to how this hand-held device could mete out such a brutal devastation. Yet, with an eye trained in the accrual of detail and minutiae, I noted the subtle distortion and minuscule condensation that is apparent at the muzzle upon operation of this magnificent device. 'Bully!' I thought to myself, whilst pondering the 'Journal of Scientific Experimentation for Financial Gain' volume 5 - not only did the Manmelter 3600ZX display the above phenomenon, it was also evident that a slight phase-shift in the surrounding air occurs, producing the tell-tale 'fairy-warble', which is to most imperceptible. But not I, fortunate enough to have studied Musicology under the great Mr. Barton Umpleby the third, and therefore able to detect the faint, yet unmistakeable microtonic whisper.

The above empirical evidence has lead me to the conclusion that it is indeed the Krumholz-Blatz effect that gives your device such devlish ability. How you have managed to contain it is beyond my comprehension, as so many have failed before you - so jolly good show, what! I sincerely look forward to seeing further developments, as I surmise you must surely be on the verge of ionic compression and inversion by now - a most exciting prospect indeed! I have made the provision of an early booking for this years Fair, in anticipation of yet another astounding event."