Lord Partario Chittingfold

Lord Partario Chittingfold, a Viceroy no less, underwent augmentive surgery at the hands of Doctor Grordbort, and despite some subsequent netherly chaffings, had these kind words to offer:


Allow me to present my credentials as Lord Partario Chittingfold, Viceroy of Her Majesty?s talcum mines on Glacia Major. Whilst playing a particularly sticky wicket at the annual Ladies Auxillary Subzero Croquet Gala, my polar gloves were savaged by an albino snow squirrel. Before I could get back to the winter palace, I had lost the use of all ten digits. I spent years at the mercy of my abusive assisted-living wolverine who had to do everything from buttoning my pantaloons to buttering my scones. Finally I sought out the help of Dr. Grordbort. He scanned my lifeless mitts using his patented Bonal Macrograph and then fitted me with a set of Phalangelical Accumulators.

Within minutes I regained the use of my fingers, dispatched the wolverine and resumed my royal duties. My highest compliments go to the good Doctor and his staff."