Jaques of Duval

Jaques of Duval, Count of Lozan has submitted this gibbering diatribe for acceptance as a testimonial. Clearly, due to cranial impairment he has misunderstood the complimentary nature of a testimonial. We present it nevertheless as a potent proof of the power of Dr. Grordbort's Infallible Aether Oscillators:(please note: what follows is a translation from French utilising the Doctors finest Valve driven Translatmochronic automatons, we aplogise for its uncouth delivery)

"I'm not saluting you. I have finally succeeded in sending you a message, your company being particularly discreet on my continent, which is not surprising... For years I have been obsessed in getting hold of those monsters that are responsible for my state of being. Years imagining how to make you pay for what happened to me... This F.M.O.M. INDUSTRIES Wave Disrupter Gun destroyed my existence. The whole world has to know the dangerousness of the thing that you've put on the market.

If only I'd known that the inheritance of my uncle was going to be the cause of the disappearance of half of my face and half of my house... At the time of the accident, I felt in my hands something that while releasing itself seemed to me to be as hot as it was cold. My uncle had been dead for ten years when I had the bad idea to open this briefcase, and he himself had died a very old man. There is no mention of the dangerousity of the object in its instruction manual, which is of course all in english...

Informations taken, this last thing being a mistake on your account is how I'm going to sue you...My uncle has left me enough money to set an army of lawyers on your ass...(your stupid machines helped him to considerably augment the family wealth... I am really happy that your weapons will now be turned against you).

Signed: Jacques Of Duval, count of Lozan, who does not salute you"