Jahukara Lowrg

Jahukara Lowrg, a fuzzy, mishapen asortment of limbs and lumpy bits that look as if they were assembled by a drunk, transmitted to us a lunatic collection of claw scratchings and blood smears which our translators interpreted here - (we could not however find the meaning of the word 'laser' and assume it to be some ancient arcane psuedo-technology of a forgotten era):

"I am Jahukara Lowrg from the sixth moon of Enipula. I have been blessed with two strong male offspring. Both are very agile with their four arms and have fur that resembles their father.

When my eldest was about to enter his twelfth year under the moons, which means he would be off for training with the pack. It was time that he received his first weapon. He begged us to purchase him an SR-7700 dual laser blaster from Seinpuis since all the other cubs his age had one. I told him that it was way too much to handle prior to proper training and he would shoot one of his three eyes out, but I did admire his eagerness to feel the power of such a weapon. After discussing it later with his father, I purchased our son your Manmelter 3600 ZX, which I had heard a few good words growled about in the dens.

Many think of my kind as just animals, but we take great pride in being skilled in weaponary and in their craftmenship. Of course, upon receiving the Manmelter 3600 ZX, our young cub complained that he would be teased for such a small fragile looking piece. I assured him that it would be sufficient. I sent him out to do some practice in the fields with a group of his friends. He returned carrying twenty sizzling gray medium sized ruztlums. He and his friends said that he blasted them easily in less than 5 seconds. The ruztlums carcasses looked to be fairly intact and fired, so dinner was served.

His father says that the Manmelter 3600 ZX is a fine work of craftmenship, but the true test will be how it lasts during our offspring's training. I have purchased three others for him to take with him and a few of his friends are also purchasing them as they prepare to go off with the pack. Your weapon will receive greater praise once my cub returns and perhaps the name Dr. Grordbort may gain a reputation with the pack. I will keep your works in mind when my youngest cub, whom I still carry in my arms and has just begun to bare his teeth, enters his twelfth year.

Much thanks and may the fangs of Gggrrrrnnold protect you!"