Jack X. Reaver

Jack X. Reaver, a General and EDL Commander is depicted here in his armoured battle suit which Dr. Grordbort's labs designed for F.M.O.M. Industries. This suit is cabable of protecting a combatant from a direct hit with a 2 pounder cannon round, can sustain 3 seconds of high power aether wave bombardment and causes minimal down stairs chaffing if you take our meaning. Oh yes, he sent in this rambling tale of his derring-do:

"Dr. Grordbort, I am writing to ensure that history records the fact that when darkness swept our lands in the form of the Shishari Horde, and humanity's frail spark almost went out completely in the endless void of space, one weapon stemmed that bloodthirsty tide of evil: the F.M.O.M. INDUSTRIES Wave Disrupter Gun (WDG).

Wielded by the now legendary Knights of Atomia, 1st Armored Division, Earth Defense League (EDL), the peculiar oscillations of the WDG were the only sure-fire method of dispatching a full-grown Hordelord in battle dress, though many of the lesser Hordelings fell swiftly to our standard issue plasma swords. But by the Gods, what glorious havoc the WDGs were capable of generating in the hands of the genetically enhanced warrior Knights, and what joy I took from commanding that lethal combination of technology, flesh and spirit that drove the Shishari from our planetary shores and sent them back out, licking their wounds, into space! Alas, as you already know, the Knights were all vaporized in the Great Misfire of 42, leaving me with command of ten-thousand empty, smoking suits of Bioshade Armor (to this day, I still can't eat barbecue).

But as I'm the last Knight of Atomia to wield the deadly WDG, I thought it fitting to pay tribute to their heroic deeds by writing to you, good Doctor, in the hopes of sharing some small measure of the pride I still feel today when I don my armor, point my WDG into the air and fire off a charge or two in memory of their glory. Remember their sacrifice and know that humanity owes its very existence to the F.M.O.M. INDUSTRIES Wave Disrupter Gun!

Best Regards..."