Imperilax HiiFroont XXXIV

Imperilax HiiFroont XXXIV, who hails itself as the Exalted ruler of the Balasitian Empire sends this missive as penned by Sombon his indentured servant (Our in-house artist assures us that this picture is the right way up and does indeed describe the head and face of the creature. We heartily commend him on his intestinal fortitude):

"Our Imperial Complements to you on your Goliathon Infinity Beam Projector; it was the hit of Our recent Baranta Beast Hunt. ZaTriich, beloved grandsire of Our Third mistress, discovered that, with the proper settings, a beast can be killed and cooked simultaneously! Our chef marveled at the crisp texture this leant to the meat as it was broiled from the inside out. Would that We had a fismar of these projectors, Our minions would lay waste to the accursed Hoards of Darmanaton and feast on their well-cooked entrails! But we digress.

Congratulations on your excellent product. If in the future you should ramp up production of these fine weapons, please contact TriinBlam, Our Imperial Procurer. Until then, may the ZanTiis of PariinKula hold you to Her Impeccable Bosom."