Fusillade Evans

Fusillade Evans, Pilot for the Pan-European Orbital Attack force and competitive Scowler took some time off from his furious furrowing regime to regale us with one of his awe inspiring anecdotes of raw heroism and machismo:

"...my ship, on it's last legs, spewing smoke into the void careened headlong, nose-spike first into the enemy Battle-Naught. Like a javelin into the side of a giant metal Moon whale I connected. Those poor stunned Moon fools didn't know what hit em and I took my chance to board their vessel.

My Manmelter 3600zx now had it's moment to shine, literally. Moon soldier body parts filled the air, pieces of unidentifiable sludge went flying past my head, I was doing back flips and those cartwheel things and at one point I was blown clear of an explosion. I think I may have even muttered a one-liner under my breath.

All in all, and in no small part thanks to your excellent weaponry it's safe to say, it was a bad day to be a conscript on the Moon Men Armed Forces."