Dr Xhislby

Dr. Xhislby 'Ex' Exley Ph.D., recent graduate of the Badloe Institute of Advanced Chemical, Physical, Biological and Aetheric Studies of Advancement is pictured here. This fine young man has risen to prominence within his chosen scientific field through fastidious study, exemplary work ethics and an unmatched ability to climb up the backs of his colleagues and tutors like some sort of predatory bird-monkey with claws like a grizzly bear. He doesn't so much stand on their shoulders as feast on their carcasses. Surely he is the perfect prospective Grordbortian employee! :

"As a scientist of exobiological and xenoaetheric studies a good fire-arm is always appreciated to defend against unscrupluous characters and ill tempered beasties that I encounter on my voyages. By far the most trust-worthy of your weapons is the F.M.O.M Industries Wave Disrupter Gun, a fire-arm truly capable of dispatching any living being. This is by far one of your most ingenious devices. And for that I thank you greatly."