Don Hernando Montoya Ramo

Don Hernando Montoya Ramo, (Second Sub-Commander of the aethership 'El Nuncio de Dolor', De la Vega Armada), is also a certified Gas-Whale husbandrist. This dangerous and slightly icky job famously cost him his arm. You don't want to know the details, but on an up note, the loss did lead to the discovery of the Nebula-dwelling Gas-Whale's secondary beak.

He made these following words manifest:

"Upon graduation from the Academia Nueva Luna I was made the proud owner of a Victorious Mongoose pistole. Having counted five separate voyages into the heavens I am grateful for the wondrous gift. This compact armour has allowed me and my fellow officers of the crew to put down many uncivil occurrences that might be seen as detrimental to the safety of those within the confines of the De La Vega Protectorate, to include: two attempted boardings by space pirates, a kidnapping of our ship's sous chef by pygmy Lukchas on Io, numerous native uprisings on the moons of Saturn and what seemed to be amorous advances made by a rogue bull air whale on and against our bow while patrolling Sector 24. My continued thanks to your company and luck in the future."