Commander Jess Navaho

Commander Jess Navaho, an Agent at Octopus V Off-World Corp (OV-OWC) and 3 time Interstellar Men's Toilets Sword Fighting Champion, disclosed this presumably confidential report of his doings:

"Sworn to secrecy I can tell you little of my missions with Octopus V, however it's safe to assume I help to keep the galaxy free from tyranny and the constant threat of underhand espionage attacks on the Off-World settlements. It's gratitude indeed to the remarkable Victorious Mongoose 1902a that I am able to acquaint you with my last adventure.

Silently foraging through the red weeds on Selos Prime I had reached my target, from the higher ground a bull's-eye view of the Selodian encampment and the Stellacore beacon I was there to destroy. Just one blast from my Goliathon 83 would annihilate it in seconds. Suddenly from behind a Manmelter powered up, blast it! I'd been discovered. I Turned slowly dropping my 83 and placed my hands into my pockets, the Selodian droid spoke 'what's your designation'.

Thank Dr Grordbort for concealable ray pistols. I replied with a blast from my trusty Mongoose and watched as the droid scum melted away into vapour before my eyes. Damn good show! Keep up the good work Dr Grordbort."