Colonel W. Crook (retired)

Colonel W. Crook (retired), famed in his younger years for cleansing the solar systems many moons of Brigands, Villians and Indigenous Peoples and later in life for his best-selling line of women's romance novels under the non-de-plume 'Lady Eliza Allbosom', has shared with us these words of praise:

"Sirs, I have recently acquired an example of the Automaitre D from your esteemed selves via Dr Grordbort's Dingus Directory. I find that I must both congratulate and admonish you. On receipt of an example of your product, The Automaitre D, I instructed Bentley, my batman, to unpack, assemble and initiate the said item as his final duties before leaving my employ. Despite his totally inappropriate grumbles, he managed to accomplish these tasks in a timely manner. I was as delighted as he was surprised at the speed and efficiency with which the Automaitre D then bundled together his few belongings and removed him from the premises. It has since carried out all its duties speedily and efficiently, with one exception. I must now draw your attention to this small flaw in your design. Before ejecting Bentley, the Automaitre D failed to obtain from him his recipe for the Mem-sahib's cocktail. Until New Bentley, as I have named the Automaitre D can synthesise a suitable replacement, I am forced to enjoy my evening Gin and Tonic without her company!"