Colonel Jack W Phillipson

Colonel Jack W Phillipson, a noted weapons collector and playwright, penman of theatrical escapades such as "How We Plundered the East and Ravaged their Camels", "Inside a Tin Box to the Moons of Saturn" and "The Woman with a Green Thorax: Interspecial Interactions", graciously spared us this utterly believable tale from his journals:

"A manly slap on the back to the brainy boffins behind the glorious Manmelter 3600ZX! Its performance in the field is exemplary, and a startling advancement over its contemporaries. I previously relied on the 1910 Bournville Disintegrator, which, as the late Capt. James 'No Face' Gustave can attest; was prone to the odd miss-fire. No such flaws with the 3600ZX! Its accuracy and reliability are unsurpassed!

My recent expedition to Iceland would have ended very differently had I not had such a trusty device at my disposal: cornered by an ancient behemoth of snow, ice and metal, the guardian of an outpost from some long forgotten empire. It was literally taken apart by my, now favoured, side-arm!"