Arch-Cardinal Venetrix Superion The Lesser

Arch-Cardinal Venetrix Superion The Lesser, is an ornery old git. Never invite him to a party. That's party over, that is. Nobody likes him and we think he called your Mother a name. All in all, fine material for an Arch-Cardinal. He wrote in with this wonderfully heart-warming tale of joy:

"Greetings. I, Venetrix, can cordially vouch for the inquisatory uses of your F.M.O.M Industries Wave Disrupter Gun. Why, it was only last blood-festival that I inserted it into the nether regions of a heretic and exerted the merest flick of my semi-divine digit only to watch as he combustulated into a fiery meat flap the likes of which we at the Abbey of Consecrated Truthdom here on Planet Sectarian had never before had the pleasure of seeing.

After spending up to a minute or more modifying the weapon's crystal based oscillator with a conflict diamond mined from the Volcanic Tremble Pits of Salutus VII I managed to virtually reform said heretics body into something resembling its former state (give or take a twitching limb or two and the odd eye-socket). Imagine my rapture! Here before me was the answer to our most fervent of prayers - an infinite penetance device. Praise be to the Supreme Sword of Domitron!

It is therefore with much aplomb that I now chant vigorously and on a daily basis 'Hip hooray and kudos indeed,' to the eminent Dr. Grordbort."