Arbel Symetric

Arbel Symetric, a F.M.O.M. Industries manufactured automatic man is pictured here. We send our pleas to its owner, Mr. Lindenberg, to send Arbel in for repair as soon as possible. As you will see, by reading his transcript for yourself, his communication valves seem to be malfunctioning.

On second thoughts, maybe the scrapyard would be a better option.... read on!:

"I write this testimonial of the first F.M.O.M. Wave Disrupter in Germany and Europe in order for his Excellence Mr. Otto Lindenberg (this is the man who exploid one quarter of worlds people in his fabrics, mines and ships). First of all Mr. Lindenberg appreciate the safe and triple packing of the Wave Disrupter because he can use the packages to j unk the daily letters of request. The metal box is very useful to bury the Gun on escape or for safe-keeping of ransom money. The adjustment of the Wave Disrupter needs for a unpractised person a little bit to many time. So was the Zeppelin Airship that his Excellence Mr. Otto Lindenberg likes to downing out of range until the Wave Disrupter was ready. But the relatively heavy weight of the gun is very effectiv if the gun is fling to stuff personnel (until a approx. distance of 3 meters. I will continue this testimonial after repair of the phiole of glass who is unfortunately broken now. But i can confirm here with that the blue liquide inside is no toxic gas and does not guzzles holes in carpets."