The tease, the snippet, the sneaky peak! A new book is underway!

We've done it! We've snuck a bit of the next big Grordbort project out from under the nose of the lawyers, marketeers and numb skulled number crunchers, numbly crunching away as it were on breakfasts of dire decimal drudgery.

Dr. Aldwin has procured a page from the next book written and illustrated by art boffin and known beardo, Greg Broadmore.

How far away is this as yet unnamed book? (known only at the moment  by it's intriguingly titled project name... Book 3)
Ages. Bloody ages in fact.

Broadmore,a scurrilous reprobate, is also a notorious slow coach. We whip him to speed, but all he seems to do is accumulate scars.

Enjoy then for now, this very early, highly evocative insider sneak peak at what promises to be, a book full of pictures drawn by a simpleton.

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