Triumph launches at Comic Con 2012

Triumph will be launched at San Diego's Comic Con in just over a week!

Artist and author, Greg Broadmore will be there to scrawl profanities across your copy and any exposed body parts.

So set course for the Weta stand beside Gentle Giant Studios at booth #3513B and see why the incredibly gracious Andy Serkis had this to say:

“Ladles and Jellyspoons, all rise for... TRIUMPH. And by Jupiter what a triumph it is! ...For yet again the unfeasibly huge, nay the monstrously Gigantic, creative genius of the inimitable Mr. Greg Broadmore, delivers us from evil. This outing has me feeling that we have reached a tipping point in the evolution of the oeuvre, where we cannot BUT believe that this world is real, that these microscopically detailed inventions are not fanciful conceptual constructs, but an authentic a depiction as any of our Glorious past, present... and perhaps our future.”

Andy Serkis

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