Pearce Versus Pearce

Anyone unnecessarily familiar with Dr. Grordbort's will know of the charming young scientist, Dr. Pearce who lent his name and insights to the now famous, Pearce 75 atom ray gun.

Sadly, as you may know, Pearce never saw his handy work reach the hands of the customer, but he did nevertheless get to test it a little before it went into production.

We reveal today, two rare archival photos of Pearce testing the prototype weapon.

He was such an affable chap - liked by all. With a well rounded sense of humour, a devilishly charming smile and a way with the ladies, he was always a hoot around the laboratory.

Here we see him 'pranking' a test subject. She hadn't even filled in the waiver! That gave the boys in legal a headache we can tell you!

Pearce, you old roustabout - you will be missed.

Additional images (click to enlarge)

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