Missing Shipment - Update!

Following misleading reports that our latest Rocket shipment of weapons and accoutrement's had crashed in British Columbia, (that turned out to be a weather balloon... full of dental supplies. Don’t ask!) Dr Grordbort's Infra-Wave Optics team has noted irregularities in the space time fabric at the location of the rockets disappearance! (somewhere north of Earth - in the empty ‘spacey’ bit around it)

It looks like the vessel may have actually, literally and quite tangibly vanished.
Assuming the vessel was subsumed entirely, we wait with some hope that it will re-materialise within our universe.

Fret not, as Dr Grordbort's Industries is putting factories on Earth into overtime to ensure no impact on supplies of the Righteous Bison Raygun to our good customers.

Unfortunately, packed aboard and in significant quantities was the new high powered Cow Mangler 5000 -  Dr Grordbort's latest focused wave projector. The prototypes and design documents were also on board so we may be waiting sometime to rectify this... screw up.

Also aboard were less important but no less desirable items.
A full shipping manifest has been located and will be disclosed in due course.

We here at Dr. Grordbort's feel the pain of our valued customers, but rest assured, the search for the missing shipment will continue.

As you were.