Missing Shipment Manifest

Good patrons, no news on the Missing Shipment as of yet, but we can at last reveal the shipping manifest courtesy of Dr. Grordbort's Plant B. (below)

Based on Venus, Plant B is responsible for producing much of our high end weaponry, compressed aether munitions, armoured fighting vehicles and novelty costuming.

The plant is now on 'maximum-whipping' status in an effort to refill the order. We hate to be forced to such measures, but for Dr. Grordbort, customers come first. And besides, Venusian workers love a good whipping - it's hard to tell through their silly looking tentacle faces whether they're smiling or not but it our scientists ensure us that it is not impossible.

Sadly, some of the items may never see the light of day due to critical design documents being sent on board. On top of that, the original designer of the Cow Mangler 5000 threw himself quite literally into the project by signing the wrong forms during the prototype testing phase. He thought he was signing a liability waiver but went and popped himself in the 'Large Volume Hobo-Mangling' tests and although he protested upon discovering his error, a signature is a signature and we do like to stick to the letter of the law here at Dr. Grordbort's.

He leaves behind a wife, two children and a very messy desk.

All that means that it is very unlikely that we will be able to reproduce this extremely powerful weapon system.

Reports from the last known whereabouts of the rocket show no debris or signs of destruction, so a hole in the very fabric of space may be the culprit. We hold our breath therefore that the rocket appears again.

Stay tuned.

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