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"Ladies and Gentlemen of the CGFeedback realm,

Grordbort Industries, under close supervision of its founder and owner, the philanthropist, humanitarian and weapons fabricator, Dr. E. Grordbort, are in the planning stages of an intergalactic zoo intended for the Jovanian moon of Ganymede.

While we have, in holding pens on Venus and in an abandonned Subway station under the Central Park Zoo, already amassed various wildlife, we do by no means have enough for a successful visitor attraction.

We have Thrusks, Meat Beetles and various insectoids, such as Blue Sacked Pillocks and Xenodefugio Subtiltus, but it just doesn't cut the mustard!

So we're calling out to you, talented biologists and geneticists and your wondrous Electrophosphorescent Computational Devices to extend the captive fauna of Dr Grordbort's Zoological Gardens of Ganymede.

Present to us your creature and be prepared to justify why it would make a valued addition to the Zoo! Our insurers and pest control staff also require basic demographic and procreational data of your species.

Mr Gregorious Broadmore, scientific mad genius and himself a conjurer of the odd and the spectacular will be the judge of the competition (his decision is absolutely final and incontestible) and decide on three prize winners: 

1st Price: A Xenodefugio Subtiltus
Venusian insect specimen
(value US$399)

2nd Price: A Saboteur 66
Raygun (value US$89)

3rd Price: An F.M.O.M.
Miniature Raygun

(value US$60)

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